Partner Program

Why Partner with Sangoma

As a Sangoma partner, you’ll have access to the best-in-class Unified Communications (UC) options that will provide you the winning edge on proposals, allowing you to leverage your expertise while giving your customers the tools they need to be successful.

Whether it be a UC cloud solution or an on-premise solution, Sangoma will be there for you, with the same software base; so, if your customers wants to switch from on-premises to cloud, the interface and behavior will remain the same. In addition to the UC solution itself, Sangoma also offers all of our own UC “surround” that your client will need – including SBCs, SIP trunking, phones, gateways, and PSTN cards. This means that solution interoperability is never an issue, and there is one vendor offering an entire solution set.

Partner Program Levels

Sangoma’s Partner Program has levels geared toward a partner’s capabilities and business model. Our incentives, benefits, training, certification, and marketing promotions are designed to help authorized partners gain a competitive advantage in today’s growing VoIP and UC market.

Authorized Agent

Authorized Agents have access to sell our Cloud and SIP trunking services.

Authorized Partner

Authorized Partners have access to the same Cloud and SIP trunking services that Agents do. In addition, Partners have access to most of the products that Sangoma offers, including VoIP phones, SBCs, and gateways.

Silver Partner

Silver partners have committed to a minimum annual revenue and invested time to train and certify their staff and salespeople in the Sangoma solution.

Gold Partner

Gold partners are more experienced, have a higher minimum annual revenue commitment and have invested in certifying their staff in Sangoma solutions.